Our Products

Wake Robin’s quality fermented foods bubble with probiotics and tart, tangy flavor! Teaming up with local family farms, we cultivate vibrant culture, environment and local economy, one jar at a time.

Our Classics


Kickin’ Kimchi

The strong, tangy flavor of classic kimchi is becoming ever more popular these days. Our Korean-inspired Kickin’ Kimchi is a satisfying blend of vegetables and spices that brings just enough “kick” to the palate.

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Easy Kimchi

Take it easy with this milder version of our popular favorite. It packs a flavorful punch, but with a little less "kick" for those who prefer the mild side.

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Kimchi Pickles

Spicy pickles with a kimchi twist! If you like hot pickles, these chunks of crunchy cucumbers in a spicy kimchi marinade are just what you never knew you wanted.



Authentic, traditional sauerkraut made with just organic cabbage and sea salt. It’s really that simple! Try it with recipes old and new or eat it straight out of the jar; it offers delectable flavor and crunch!


Garlicky Dill Pickle Chips

Sour pickles are a classic treat and these are sure to hit the spot. Perfectly crunchy and delicious, we’ve seasoned them with loads of garlic and dill.


Ruby Rüben

Earthy, peppery, deliciously purple! Ruby Rüben is an eastern European-style treat made with beets, turnips, apples, cabbage, juniper berries and black pepper. Delicious on salads or sandwiches, or as a colorful and delectable side dish with any meal.


Carrot Escabeche

Our thick cut, crunchy organic carrots are seasoned with onions, jalapenos and a hint of oregano. This Mexican-inspired Carrot Escabeche makes a great spicy snack or a tasty topping for many dishes.


Summer Sun Hot Sauce

A fermented mixture of locally grown hot peppers, onions, and carrots, our Summer Sun Hot Sauce packs just enough tang and spice to heat things up with summer sizzle!

Our Seasonal Specialites


Cranberry Ginger Sauerkraut

This winter, enjoy Cranberry-Ginger Sauerkraut. Made with local, organic cabbage, fresh cranberries and ginger, this savory flavor is sure to brighten your holiday meals.

Available approximately November through March.


Curry Cauliflower

Taste the sunshine! Curry Cauliflower comes just in time to brighten up those winter days. South Asian spices combine with Ohio vegetables for a savory treat!

Available approximately February to May.